Abby Franklin
Loving Space Preschool

Over the last 25 years Abby has been working with kids and parents, helping create joyful, close knit early childhood experiences for families in Whatcom County. Abby is hard working and kind. There is almost no turn over in staff at her school which is hard to accomplish in this industry. She has teachers that have been with her for 23, 20 18 years etc. Once teachers join the group they stay. The parents are valued members of this community and the children never want to leave. This says so much about the way Abby runs her business. Abby Franklin moved every two or three years as a child, growing up all over our country. This experience shaped who she is and the work she wants to do. Roots, connection and community have always been really important to her. When she finally landed in Bellingham she knew she was home. Abby always wanted to work with children and to create a place where they would be seen and heard, valued and delighted in. In 1993 Loving Space School was born. Abby works hard to make sure every person who enters her school feel valued and special. Over the years Abby and her staff have worked with nearly 2,000 children in Whatcom County. Often these kids will come back to visit, they always say the place looks so small but Abby reminds them they are just so big. The kids remember the way the school smells, “like popcorn and melting crayons” and they remember the way they felt when they walked into school.