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2021 Charity of the Year: 2020 has been difficult for the majority of us, and especially for people receiving support from non-profits. Our Charity of the Year program can make a significant difference for a Whatcom not-for-profit, and by extension, for our local underserved population. Your donation is compounded with all the other donations we receive, magnifying our ability to support our community.

2021- Charity

Blue Skies for Children

2020- Charity

Heart House Lydia Place $7500

2019- Charity

YWCA $5000

2018- Charity

DVSAS (Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Services) of Whatcom County $3500

2017 Charities

January/February/March – Blue Skies for Children $1000

April/May/June – Dispute Resolution Center $1000

July/August/September – Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center $1000

October/November/December – A Touch of Grace $1000

2016 Charities

February/March – Skookum Kids $1000

April/May – Bellingham Bay Boating Center $1000

June/July – Whatcom Boys & Girls Club $1000

August/September – Alzheimer’s Society of WA $1000

October/November – Max Higbee $1000

2015 Charities

February/March – Communities in Schools

April/May – Blue Skies for Children

June/July – The Whatcom Dream

October/November – Women Sharing Hope

December/ January – New Way Ministries

2014 Charities

Jan/Feb – The Lighthouse Mission

March/April – Whatcom Museum Foundation

May/June – Bellingham Food Bank

July/Aug – Whatcom Center for Early Learning

Nov/Dec – Chelsea Ebert Trust

2013 Charities

March/April – The Whatcom Dream

May/June – Blue Skies for Children

July/August – Habitat for Humanity Women Build

Sept/Oct – YWCA Bellingham

Nov/Dec – Boys & Girls Club Whatcom County

2012 Charities

March / April – Marianne’s House

May / June – The Agape House

July / August – Alzheimer Society of WA

Sept / Oct – Big Brothers Big Sisters

Nov / Dec – Toys for Tots

2011 Charities

2nd quarter – DVSAS

3rd quarter – Lydia Place

4th quarter – Blue Skies for Children

Charity Nomination Criteria:

Charity nominations may come from members in good standing. The charities must be a 501(c)(3) organizations in good standing, as well as community-minded, in order to be considered. Charities may not be selected two years in a row. Nominations must be submitted to the Charity Chair by January 31st to be considered.

Whatcom Women in Business supports non-profit organizations each year, donating $1,000-$7500 each year.

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