Community Charity

    Whatcom Women in Business supports non-profit organizations each year, donating $1,000-$7500 each year.

    Every Month at the membership meetings “Charity Bucks” are collected throughout the year from members and guests. These are then pooled and donated to the chosen charity at the end of the year.  A list of needs will be requested from each charitable organization and will be distributed to our membership throughout the year.

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    2020- Charity

    Heart House Lydia Place $7500

    2019- Charity

    YWCA $5000

    2018- Charity

    DVSAS (Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Services) of Whatcom County $3500

    2017 Charities

    January/February/March – Blue Skies for Children $1000

    April/May/June – Dispute Resolution Center $1000

    July/August/September – Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center $1000

    October/November/December – A Touch of Grace $1000

    2016 Charities

    February/March – Skookum Kids $1000

    April/May – Bellingham Bay Boating Center $1000

    June/July – Whatcom Boys & Girls Club $1000

    August/September – Alzheimer’s Society of WA $1000

    October/November – Max Higbee $1000

    2015 Charities

    February/March – Communities in Schools

    April/May – Blue Skies for Children

    June/July – The Whatcom Dream

    October/November – Women Sharing Hope

    December/ January – New Way Ministries

    2014 Charities

    Jan/Feb – The Lighthouse Mission

    March/April – Whatcom Museum Foundation

    May/June – Bellingham Food Bank

    July/Aug – Whatcom Center for Early Learning

    Nov/Dec – Chelsea Ebert Trust

    2013 Charities

    March/April – The Whatcom Dream

    May/June – Blue Skies for Children

    July/August – Habitat for Humanity Women Build

    Sept/Oct – YWCA Bellingham

    Nov/Dec – Boys & Girls Club Whatcom County

    2012 Charities

    March / April – Marianne’s House

    May / June – The Agape House

    July / August – Alzheimer Society of WA

    Sept / Oct – Big Brothers Big Sisters

    Nov / Dec – Toys for Tots

    2011 Charities

    2nd quarter – DVSAS

    3rd quarter – Lydia Place

    4th quarter – Blue Skies for Children

    Charity Nomination Criteria:

    Charity nominations may come from members in good standing who are involved in the organization in some way, the charities must be 501(c)(3) organizations in good standing, as well as community-minded, in order to be considered. Charities may not be selected two years in a row. Nominations must be submitted to the Charity Chair by January 31st to be considered.

     Nominate a Charity of the Year for 2021

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