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2020 Publicity Co-Chair

Babette Vickers 
Bellingham, WA  
Business #: (360) 453-7831

Digital Marketing
- Video
- Premium Display
- Audio
- Social
- Email
Traditional Media Buying
Video Production
Graphic Design

Giant Killer Shark media helps businesses like yours make a “Big Splash”. Funny. Heartwarming. Mind-blowing. However, they’re described, the best advertising campaigns make real connections. Consumers today are exposed to more information daily than at any time in human history. GKS is here to help you break through the noise and make meaningful connections.

Babette is an innovative media planner, with over 20 years’ experience in media sales and marketing. She possesses comprehensive knowledge of the latest media trends and consumer habits enabling clients to maximize the impact of their advertising campaigns through optimization and creative design.

Make the most of your media spend. Put your message in front of the right people on digital and traditional platforms.

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