Sylvia Center for the Arts

Shu-Ling Hergenhahn-Zhao, Chair of Capital Cabinet

Member Since 2017                                                                         2019 President                                                                                  2018 Secretary

Shu-Ling Hergenhahn-Zhan
Chair of Capital Cabinet
205 Prospect St.
Bellingham, WA 98225                                               Phone #: 360-305-3524 x4

Founded by iDiOM Theater, Sylvia Center for the Arts is a new performing arts center in Bellingham, Washington. We provide affordable space for Whatcom County’s artists to rehearse, teach and perform, while also creating a central hub for arts audiences to discover and enjoy locally-created music, theater, and dance. We're continuing our mission to keep art fresh, live, and local in our new at Sylvia

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