Please join us for our Annual Awards and Auction Banquet to honor each finalist and reveal The Professional Woman of the Year (POWTY).

The PWOTY award is a unique opportunity to engage and support women with varying backgrounds, stories and areas of expertise. Every year, we ask the public to submit nominations to highlight amazing women playing pivotal roles in their business and community. These individuals develop future leaders, mentor our children and peers, and give back in ways that impact us all.

Through the collective effort of our community and members, dozens of women are nominated each year. We encourage you to submit a nomination at any time to honor an influential woman in your life. Submissions are due mid July, with the banquet held in October of each year.

In addition to recognizing several of our community’s truly deserving professional, our annual banquet serves as an incredible opportunity to support students and fellow non-profits. The PWOTY banquet is Whatcom Women in Business’ sole fundraiser, allowing us to grant four scholarships each year to women furthering their education. Additionally, one non-profit is selected annually by membership. Supplemented by member’s donations, funds raised during the banquet allow us to make a generous contribution to their cause.

With your support, the success of the 2017 PWOTY banquet allowed us to gift a total of $16,000 is scholarships and donate $3,500 to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services (DVSAS) this year.



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