Junkies Like Me




by Pippa Breakspear
Chemical Dependency Counselor

I’m a recovering alcoholic and opioid addict and a Master’s level Chemical Dependency Counselor. I enjoy sharing my own experience of addiction, recovery and depression and what I have learned from working with many clients over the years. My objective is to normalize addiction (57 million Americans are abusing drugs and alcohol, and that doesn’t include those dealing with food, sex, porn, screens, social media, work and gambling
addiction) demonstrate respect and compassion for those suffering with it, while encouraging accountability and good boundaries. So many people are dealing with this problem, who feel ashamed and embarrassed and therefore don’t seek help. Everyone seems to breathe a sigh of relief when I talk about it openly, normalize it and say “hey, don’t assume you know what a junkie looks like, we look like everyone”.


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