November Meeting with Mayor Kelli Linville




We’re super excited to announce that Mayor Kelli will be our special guest and featured speaker for our November meeting. For those of you who are a bit newer, she was one of our our Professional Woman of the Year nominees four years ago. This will be a great opportunity to hear a community update and ask her any questions you may have in person.

Kelli Linville, a fourth-generation Whatcom County resident, small business owner, educator and former state legislator with more than four decades of community service, became the Mayor of Bellingham on January 1, 2012. She was elected to a second term in November 2015. Mayor Linville is the City of Bellingham’s first woman mayor. She brings to her position a great passion for community service and excellence in government and decades of experience as a public servant.

Deadline to RSVP is Friday, November 24th at 5:00PM


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