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If you are a woman in a leadership role, either as a business owner or an employee in a management or executive position, we'd love to have you join us! To be eligible to become a member, you must be in your current role or business for at least a year and attend two meetings before applying. Click here to learn more!

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Scholarship Info

Whatcom Women in Business Scholarship Application

This year, Whatcom Women in Business will be awarding four (4) $4,000.00 scholarships to women entering higher education including but not limited to technical or trade school, beauty school, community college or university. Applicants must be a high school graduate by Spring 2018 and a current Whatcom County resident.

What to Expect

Applications are due by March 31st, and will be carefully reviewed by our Scholarship Committee. Finalists are selected based on their application, goals, past grades, community involvement and volunteer, extra-curricular activities, work experience as well as financial need. The finalists will be contacted to schedule an interview, non-finalists will receive a notification letter. Selected recipients will be required to volunteer up to 10 hours with Whatcom Women in Business prior to November 30th.

Applicants may only receive one scholarship. If you apply and do not receive a scholarship one year, you may apply again. If you receive a scholarship, payment will be sent directly to your school or university. Please see application for further instructions.

Click Here to download 2018 Scholarship Application


About Us

About Whatcom Women in Business


Whatcom Women in Business was established in 1978, and is one of the oldest and most encompassing network/referral sources for business women. It is the mission of WWIB to promote a positive image of professional women in business while developing leadership skills, strength through mutual support, mentoring and opportunities for business and personal growth.

The organization’s main event each year is the WWIB Professional Woman of the Year Banquet held each October. The event has grown in recognition and stature over the years and draws over 300 people who come to honor the communities’ professional women.


Whatcom Women in Business is comprised of business owners and managers developing and maintaining proactive role models within the organization and the community at large. Through teaching, learning, leadership and peer support, we strive to exemplify and promote the four areas we honor- leadership, professionalism, mentoring, and community.

The organization supports and promotes education by offering educational scholarships each year to women desiring to further their education.


Whatcom Women in Business provides regular opportunities for members and guests to mentor for personal and professional growth. WWiB is comprised of business owners and upper level managers. The membership is interested in developing and maintaining proactive roles within the association and the community at large. Through teaching, learning, leadership and peer support we strive to exemplify and promote the three areas we honor - leadership, professionalism and mentoring.


Whatcom Women in Business provides a broad range of activities for women professionals in all phases of their careers. Meetings and special events are designed to encourage active participation of all members, to develop business skills and to network with colleagues.