On Purpose

Sandy Levey-Lunden, Life Coach

Member Since 2016

Sandy Levey-Lunden
Life Coach
1609 Brookview Place
Bellingham, WA 98229

Website: www.sandylevey.com
Email: onpurpose@sandylevey.com
Main Phone: 360-527.2796
Mobile Phone: 360.739.4602
Fax 360.527.2798

"On Purpose is a business dedicated to helping people find their true purpose and passion in life. This is done by assisting people in releasing the negative experiences of their past and guiding them towards a life of meaningful relationships. Sandy has been a life coach and counselor for over 35 years and offers over 20 different courses in her company On Purpose. All of the courses are small and intimate with a ratio of 1 coach:2 participants, therefore the courses are very individualized to each participants unique life goals. She teaches individuals, couples, and families. "

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